Coupons and Tips For Getting Around Hollywood. Coupons:

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Getting Around Hollywood:

With numerous attractions scattered throughout the city, Hollywood tourists will need reliable transportation to see everything they plan to while visiting. Countless options are available for any budget or preference.

Public transportation is one of the most cost effective ways of travel in Hollywood. The L.A Metro bus lines run through the main streets of Hollywood on frequent schedules. Commuters, residents and tourists utilize the public buses regularly. At certain times of the day, the Metro lines become very crowded, so those planning on this option should consider the possibility of only standing room. Detailed schedules, route maps and fare information are available on the L.A Metro’s website.

Another option for public transportation is the Starline bus system. These double-deck buses cater to tourists by offering several sightseeing routes in West Los Angeles, including stars’ homes, famous attractions and tours of haunted homes and murder scenes. This bus line is highly preferred by tourists for its convenient hop-on/hop-off option, giving riders the freedom to board or get off at any of its designated stop locations.

The New Boys in Town: Uber and Lyft

Ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft have made traversing Los Angeles’ notorious freeways easier. There are thousands of drivers working for both companies, so finding an available ride is never a problem. The only downsides are surge pricing, where fares increase at busy times. First time users of these apps are usually eligible for coupons off their first ride as well.

Rental Cars

Private transportation is the best option for those who wish to avoid crowds or just want to explore on their own. Plenty of rental car locations are scattered throughout Hollywood and the surrounding areas. Internet booking sites such as allow people to search for available car types for the time frames required. This site compares different companies, their cars, prices and features.

Exotic rental cars are offered at several locations in Hollywood for tourists with immaculate driving records and plenty of money to spend. Those who want to skip the crowds but don’t want to drive should consider chartering a limo or town car. Many companies in West Los Angeles offer a wide array of simple to luxury vehicles. Of course taxis are also available, but tend to actually be more expensive than a limo charter for distance trips, due to many stops and frequent traffic light

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